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Crochet and Hyperbolic Geometry

Interesting topic. These three books might be worth buying. The concept combines crochet, math, art, and nature.

Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes

Taimina's way of exploring hyperbolic space via crochet and connections with nature, combatting math phobia ...

Crocheting Hyperbolic Planes: Daina Taimiņa at TEDxRiga

How to Crochet Hyperbolic Shapes

The Complete Hyperbolic Crochet Video - Pseudosphere

YouTube: Hyperbolic Geometry within the dynamics of space and time ????????

  • euclidean space
    • a point
    • a line
    • parallel line: one line can run through the point and never touch the other line
  • spherical space
    • within a circle
    • a point
    • a straight line (curved on a sphere)
    • how many straight lines can be drawn through the point that never meet the original line. answer = 0.
    • on a sphere, the straight line (geodesic) is the biggest line that can be drawn: equator or lines of longitude.

My Little Projects

October 2015:

  • project one:
    • chained six.
    • used single crochet.
    • crocheted two stitches in each stitch.
    • at the end of each row, i think that i chained one, turned, and then two stitches in each stitch.
    • crocheted four or five rows after the chain row.
  • project two:
    • chained four.
    • slip-stitched into first stitch to make circle.
    • used single crochet.
    • six stitches into the ring.
    • then crocheted 12 additional rows, spiraling around with the following pattern:
    • one stitch, one stitch, two stitches into the previous row. is this a 1-1-2 ?

The small one is Project 1.

Another photo of Project 2.

August 2016 - Good way to use of inexpensive yarn. This uses the project 2 pattern above. It starts out slowly, but then it curls in on itself significantly.

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