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Crochet a Beanie

Adult man:
- circumference 22.5 to 24.0 inches
- hat height 11.0 to 11.5 inches

Adult woman:
- circumference 21.5 to 22.5 inches
- hat height 11.0 inches

For me:

  • circle math
  • my head circumference is 23.5 inches.
  • I should crochet with increasing rounds until 7.5 inches in diameter.
  • keep hat height between 7.5 to 8.0 inches tall.
  • finish last couple rows with a smaller hook and/or SC rows.

Some guidelines for starting the spiral and seam versions.


  • Ch 4. Slip st into first ch to make a ring.

For Single Crochet stitch:

  • Round 1: Ch 1. 6 SC into ring. Join with slip st.

For Half-double Crochet Stitch:

  • Round 1: Ch 2. 8 HDC into ring. Join with slip st into the top of the ch 2.

For Double Crochet stitch:

  • Round 1: Ch 3. 12 DC into ring. Join with slip st into the top stitch of the Ch 3.

After Round 1 for the spiral version, no more slip st and ch.

For both versions, Round 2 will be two stitches of whatever type into each stitch around.

Many different methods exist to create the simple and functional beanie hat.

These links point to YouTube videos.

[X] - crocheted this pattern in Aug 2015 - YouTube video : How to Crochet a Beanie Tutorial - Beginner Friendly -

I want to try this technique. Crochet a short, wide scarf or rectangle. Stitch together the ends to make a neck warmer. Then stitch and pull together one side to make the top.

chain the height. create rows until circumference.

DIY Learn How to Crochet Easy Beginner Crocheted Hat Beanie for Babies Children Adult Tutorial

Another version:

Ch 35 for pre-teens, 42 for women and teens, 48 for men

ROW 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 2 and turn
ROW 2: hdc in BLO of 2nd stitch from hook and in each st across. Ch 2 and turn
(Keep crocheting in back loops only throughout pattern.)
ROW 3 continue in pattern, until hat fits around head, (30 rows for kids; 32 for teens, 34 for women; 36 for men~ approximately!) adding new colors wherever you please. You can even add them in the middle of a row for a neat variety.

Hat size chart

When hat is wide enough, whip stitch the sides together, then weave around the top of hat and pull tightly to form top.

Crochet Dude book also contains a pattern for this technique.

Single crochet version, back loop to create ribbing.
Crochet Ribbed Hat

Additional techniques.

Crochet Beanie for Beginners - Adult Sizes -

Crochet super easy beginner adult beanie hat DIY tutorial

Want to try this pattern

It also contains patterns for a matching pair of fingerless mittens and a cowl.

Maybe a pattern to test. Single crochet in back loop version. But it appears a little pointy at the top like the first beanie I made above. Cone-shaped.

Another option. Gloves and beanie patterns. Beanie appears to be more rounded on top.



Liner hat:

Alternating SC and DC

DC that seems fairly quick and easy:

slouchy beanie

  • ch 5
  • slip stitch into first chain to make circle
  • sc 6 into ring
  • slip stitch into first single crochet
  • chain 2
  • hdc into first stitch, same stitch that was slip stitched.
  • etc.

Interesting technique:
Crochet Hat Tutorial - Easy Perfect Fit Pattern!

Hat / Beanie Crochet Tutorial - Almost Invisible seam - How to get a great fit every time

ch 4
join slip stitch into first chain to make ring.
ch 3
dc 12 into ring
join with slip stitch
ch 3

creating a ribbed look by crocheting in rounds and alternating front post and back post double crochet.

How to Crochet rib hat (step by step video) - Yolanda Soto Lopez

changing colors:


To figure out the diameter of your flat circle all you need to know is the circumference of the head. An adult woman's head averages about 22 inches. The formula is to divide your circumference by 3.14.

Head circumference 22 : 3.14 = 7.00 inches. Now you know your circle needs to be 7 inches. To get the correct height (from top of crown to bottom of the ear) you divide your circumference by 10 and multiply this number times 4.

Head circumference 22 : 10 = 2.2 × 4 = 8.8. So the hat height should be 8.8 inches. Hats are generally made about an inch smaller in circumference than the circumference of the head. This keeps the hat fitting snug and to keeps it from falling off. Most patterns generally have about an inch stretch to them.

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