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Living in Cold Weather

It got down to -24 degrees Fahrenheit in Oymyakon, Russia, over the weekend. As frigid as that seems, it’s typical for this town, long known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth.

Hacker News thread that contained the above Wired story.

I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. Last week it was -37C for a few days, I rode my bike/walked to work every day.

I've been out Caribou hunting in -48C snowshoeing around right near the Arctic Circle.

Snag is just down the road, where it was once -63.9C (-83F) - the coldest temp ever recorded in North America.1

I'm originally from Australia, so this kind of thing is Alien to me, and I think I do a decent job of explaining what it's like.

AMA if you're curious about anything. (clothes, cars, etc.),_Yukon

Comment in the same thread:

Recommend a brand of winter wear?


Marino wool against your skin is absolutely the most important. Throw out all your cotten - it's completely useless in the cold. Also a high quality wool toque (beanie).

I can walk around in -20C wearing a marino base layer and my "light" down jacket no problem, while people wearing 4 layers of cotton freeze their asses off.

Another Q&A:

do you hate walking? or not mind it after proper preparation?


I love being outside, and walking (hiking) is actually one of my favorite activities. I actually have two cars right now, so I could drive to work if I wanted to, I prefer to walk. And it would kill my cars if I drove them every day as I have no place to plug them in at work (have to pay) and daily starting past -30C without plugin is going to drastically shorten the life of a vehicle.

One of the reasons I moved up here was to be outside in the environment, so it's enjoyable to throw on my jacket and gloves and get out there in it and watch the seasons/daylight/weather change day-to-day.

Remember too that in summer the days are ~20 hours long and I'm surrounded by beautiful mountains...

Other names include: sock hat, knit hat, knit cap, sock cap, stocking cap, tossel cap, ski hat, toboggan, burglar beanie, "watch cap", woolly hat, snookie, sugan or chook.

A knit cap is commonly referred to as a watch cap by members of the United States Military as the head gear worn while "standing watch" on a ship or guard post.

My main required winter gear:

  • wool socks
  • longjons
  • wool sweater
  • wool scarf
  • wool coat
  • ear muffs

Jan, 2015: And for the first time since probably high school, I've regularly worn a beanie hat, mainly in January. Didn't need it last month. I've been wearing it inside the house too. Growing up in eastern Ohio, we called these hats toboggans. The one that I'm wearing the most this month was crocheted by Mitten Made. I bought it back in November during the Maker Mart Fair, held in the Uptown area of Downtown Toledo.


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