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Scarves that I crocheted in 2014-2015

(And in 2016)

My scarves generally run 50 to 60 inches long. I didn't list them all here because some I never photographed.

I crocheted my first scarf in the late winter/early spring of 2014, using 100% acrylic dark brown bulky yarn. Approx five inches wide. Single crochet.

I think that I finished this one December 2014. I used 100% regular wool. It's a little scratchy. It smells like a farm. The color is a brown-grey heather with a dark brown trim. It's around six inches wide. Single crochet.

Completed in January 2015. Narrow, approx 4 inches wide. I used 100% super bulky merino wool from Peru. Double crochet.

I completed this scarf in March 2015. I wear this one a lot. I used sage green Stonehedge yarn. It's 100% merino. Worsted weight. I used one skein, which was approx 250 yards. The scarf is a little over four inches wide and around 55 inches long. Half-double crochet stitch.

Sometime in 2015, I completed this scarf. 100% merino wool yarn. Sport weight. I used two skeins. It's about six inches wide. The yarn was colored greens and blues. Nice. Half-double crochet stitch.

Sometime in 2015. I used two skeins of number 4 worsted weight Stonehedge 100% merino wool yarn. I crocheted both yarns at the same time. A light grey and a light purple. I wish that I had used a medium grey because the purple would have popped more.

Sometime in 2015. A cowl that I accidentally twisted somehow into an unplanned mobius. Inexpensive, self-striping yarn. Half-double crochet. Nobody uses this.

January 2015 : - need photo

February 2015: - need photo

September 2015 :

October 2015: and beanie

December 2015:

February 2016:

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